Drive Growth With Microsoft Ads Campaigns

Expand your reach with Microsoft Ads (Formerly Bing Ads). Meylic offers effective management of Microsoft campaigns aimed at improving your ROAS and while enhancing your brand voice.

Premium Packages

Startup Business
$ 250 /Month

Suitable for small local businesses or niche campaigns which require small adjustments and monitoring.

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  • Advertising Budget: $ 2000 - 7000
  • Setup Fee: $ 180*
Medium Business
$ 750 /Month

Suitable for businesses operating in multiple locations or moderately competitive industries.

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  • Advertising Budget: $ 10000 - 18000
  • Setup Fee: $ 250*
$ 1750 /Month

Suitable for corporate or highly sophisticated campaigns across multiple advertising platforms.

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  • Advertising Budget: $ 19000 - 30000
  • Setup Fee: $ 360*

*Setup Fee applies to new account launch or if significant campaign rebuilds are needed.

All of our Packages include:

When you purchase Microsoft Ads, we make sure that you get your account setup in accordance with marketing best practices. In pursuit of this all our Microsoft Ads services include the following:

1. Analytics & Conversion Setup

Easily track your campaign performance and measure how they are contributing to your business goals with an integrated Google Analytics or custom measurement solution.

2. Periodic Campaign Reporting

Get clear, well articulated periodic reports on your performance with detailed steps on where to improve from our in-house certified marketing experts.

Need Custom Plan?

We offer customised plans for businesses which would like to pay based on performance. Please contact us with your project requirements.

Customised Plan

Need Help Selecting the right Package?

We will help you choose a plan which is most suitable for your business. Talk with a specialist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Microsoft Ads.


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