What's the secret to Google Ads?

July 01, 2020

Gaining success with Google Ads demands that the people involved in your account's management be knowledgeable of the platform. Perhaps this could be the secret to Google Ads' success, Knowledge.

The first step to any successful Google Ads campaign starts with planning. You have to plan on how much you want to spend,

define the objective of each campaign and analyze your niche market.

Planning For Google Ads Spend

Hastily created Google Ads campaigns are usually the ones that fail the most and cost more than what is necessary.

Before setting out a budget in Google Ads, look at how much income your product (or service) will bring and factor the cost of sales to determine profit.

Your adverting costs must not drown your profit. You should gradually increase your advertising budget relative to your sales. It won't make business sense if your advertising costs exceed your profitability margin.

Every Campaign Must Have An Objective

Creating a campaign without a goal in Google Ads is akin to committing suicide in online marketing.

Google Ads Specialists agree that each campaign has to be themed. Pick a campaign objective and stick with it throughout your marketing efforts for that campaign.

Set up Ad Groups, Keywords, Ad Copy and Extensions to follow your campaign theme, making sure that there is coherence for your campaign.

You will find that a campaign that is set up like this has lower CPCs due to better quality scores, which means you save on your Ad Spend.

In addition, having an objective helps with the campaign's performance, with noticeable boosts in sales.

Planning For Your Niche

Every business has competition. Getting to know your market is as important as the marketing effort itself. Analyze your market closely and identify the best areas to focus your marketing efforts on.

This is especially important if you are a small business with a limited Google Ads Budget. You want to make sure that when advertising on Google you want to do so with an impact.

Consider the product (or service) carefully. Understand the disadvantages and advantages of using the product and weigh it (service or product) against your competition. Doing this helps you to identify what is unique with your product.

You will find that most people buy a product (service) because of the product's unique values. Once you identify that, you have discovered the 'Holy Grail' of marketing. Focus your Google Ads marketing on that.

Your niche is not only your product. Look also at demographics. Where is your product needed most? Which locations do not have competition? You will find that a little research, will go a long way in Google Ads' success.

Measuring Your Google Ads Efforts

Every marketing effort would be incomplete if it cannot be measured.

After all, has been said and done, it all comes down to actual results. Making sure that you visit the statistics every now and then ensure that your marketing efforts are profitable.

It is important therefore to make use of various reporting tools available on the Google Ads Platform.

Make sure that conversion tracking is set up and working properly. Configure Google Analytics to work with your Google Ads Account. It is probably the best Analytics software for Google Ads.

With it, you can be able to assess your campaign performance and focus your efforts on metrics that are relevant to your campaign's objective.

Compliance With Google Ads Policy

Finally, It wouldn't matter if you have followed all the Google Ads secrets for success if your account wasn't compliant with Google Ads Policies.

All your marketing efforts will crumble if your account gets suspended. So it is important to familiarize your self with the policy before you start out with Google Ads.


Perhaps the best kept secret to Google Ads isn't on the platform itself but with the people who use it. Their ability to have your business at heart and apply sound decisions to make sure your adverts are successful.

In my opinion, there is only one secret to Google Ads' success and its knowledge. Acquire the necessary knowledge to manage a Google Ads Account and you will succeed.