We will setup google ad grants campaign for success

Budget: USD$10 / Day

Running a Non-Profit Organisation is no easy task, sometimes barely having enough time to manage the Google Ad Grants Account. You need all hands on deck to achieve your NGO objectives.

That is where Meylic comes in by offering my services to make sure your Google Ad Grants Account is being run properly while you concentrate on the day to day activities of your organization.

Meylic will be able to stategically budget your Google Ad Grants funds and allocate them on campaigns that matter the most to your organization as well as formulate a strategy to get the best results from AdWords PPC campaigns.

Here is what Meylic will be able to provide for your organization.

  • Google Ad Grants Policy Compliant Account
  • Maintain your Campaign Click-Through ratio above 5%
  • Track your Campaign Conversions
  • Effective Google Ad Grants Bidding.

With your AdWords Grants your Organisation will be able to reach a wider audience and we will be there to make sure that the message they receive turns into actual conversions.

Get in touch today, and let's map out a strategy for your organization.

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