Comprehensive Gmail Campaigns

Budget: USD$10 / Day

Gmail Ads are also called Gmail Sponsored Promotions. They provide a cost-effective way of engaging a wider customer audience with interactive, goal-oriented campaigns.

Gmail Ads show when your potential customer is browsing her emails. When someone clicks on the gmail ad, it would either launch your landing page or expand to the size of an email that can be used to meet a variety of advertising goals including embedded forms or video.

You do not need a mailing list for you to start using gmail adverts which makes them perfect for startup businesses or websites.

I will target your audience based on:

  • Affinity and Custom Affinity - What their interests and habits are
  • In-Market and Custom Intent - What they are actively researching or planning
  • Re-marketing and Similar Audience - How they have interacted with your business
  • Demographics - Gmail Campaign targeting  a market associated with specific demographic categories

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