How do I make my AD on Google get approved?

July 04, 2020
How do I make my AD on Google get approved?

Every advert posted on Google has got to conform to google policies. If your advert is continually being disapproved it means that there is a policy infringement. The good news is that Google always provides you with the reason for disapproving your advert. So here is how you can resolve your issue.

Check to see what policy the advert has violated.

  • Navigate to the ads and extensions tab on the left of your Google Ads console and filter for disapproved adverts.
  • Point your cursor on the small message box to review the policy violated.

Read the policy carefully taking notes on what you are doing wrong:

  • Click on the policy hyperlinked in blue to review the violated policy noting what it is you are doing wrong

Fix the error and save your advert.

Google will review your advert, if there are no violations your advert will run

It is important to note though that there are some products and services that are not eligible to run on the Google Ads network. If you are running campaigns specifically for such services, unfortunately, the ads won’t be approved.

I hope that helped if you are still having problems contact Google directly to ask for assistance